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'Parenthood' Series Finale: Inside the FlashForward Surprise. For his part, Lauria was able to also illustrate that future Ryan was healthy and able to be a father to baby Zeek and part of the larger Braverman family even though his romantic relationship with Amber wasn't meant to be.Jan 30, 2015 Parenthood Series Finale Review: May You Stay Forever Young. Crosby is rocking it at the Luncheonette with Amber Wyld Style Holt behind the mixers. Jasmine is pregnant again, which has to be hell on a dancer's body. Speaking of Amber, she and the baby are doing fine. They'e hanging with Sarah, Hank, and Ruby. parenthood finale amber

'Parenthood' Series Finale Postmortem: Jason Katims Talks Bringing the Family Drama Full Circle. Then, after a threeyear time jump, married and had a new baby with a guy fittingly played by Friday Night Lights alum Scott Porter and had a healthy and functional relationship with Ryan ( Matt Lauria ), who was around to be a father to young Zeek.

Parenthood Finale Postmortem: Jason Katims on the Brutally Sad Goodbye and That Surprising Cameo. She gets up to answer the door and there is Ryan (fellow FNL alum Matt Lauria) who comes in with a slightly more grown Zeek as Amber's new man and old flame shake hands. 'Parenthood' Series Finale Recap: The Bravermans End Where It All Began. But the significance of this moment is threefold: it's a rare, touching scene shared between Zeek and his future sonandlaw; Hank is the first of Sarah's suitors (including both Amber andparenthood finale amber Parenthood Series Finale: The Bravermans Say Goodbye. Crosby (Dax Shepard) decided to take over the Luncheonette and asked Amber (Mae Whitman) to come back and help him run it.

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This is a list of fictional characters in the television series Parenthood. The article deals with the series' main and recurring characters. parenthood finale amber Review: Parenthoods Finale Brings It All Back Home invited Amber to live with him and Camille. (That invitation was an echo of Sarahs homecoming way back in the series beginning. ) Parenthood Finale: Show Boss Talks FlashForward Surprises, Deleted Scenes and That FNL Cameo. Joel and Julia decided to adopt Victors newborn biological sister, and Adam took over Chambers Academy, leaving Crosby and Amber to breathe new life into The Luncheonette. Parenthood Finale: Why the Show Ended That Way, and Scoop on the 7 Biggest Surprises By& Jason Freaking Street ending up with Amber? Max's huge smile at graduation? So well done. Can you even read thisor are the tears clouding your vision? If it wasn't for the fact that I've now seen the Parenthood series finale three times, I'd probably be on the floor crying like a baby.