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Alfred M. Gray Jr. (born June 22, 1928) is a retired United States Marine Corps general who served as the 29th Commandant of the Marine Corps from 1 July 1987 until hisThe Marine Corps Way Leadership Philosophy. by. nonetheless, the crucial second pillar in the Marine Corps leadership philosophy. Marine leaders prioritize the accomplishment of the mission first, the welfare of their Marines second, and their own personal needs third. Marine General Al Gray 7, 413 views; Marines storm ashore at general al gray leadership

General Alfred M. Gray Chair, Board of Trustees. Gen. Alfred Gray (retired USMC) was the 29th Commandant of the U. S. Marine Corps from. As Commandant, General Gray assisted in the formulation of national and international policy, and strategy.

I train troops to defend democracy and I happen to be their surrogate father and mother as well as their commanding general. Alfred M. Gray Mother, Running, Father Retired General Alfred Gray currently serves as chairman of the Board of Regents, member of the Board of Directors, and senior fellow of the Potomac Institute of Policy Studies. In 1991, he retired after 41 years of service to the United States Marine Corps.general al gray leadership If you only look for leadership in the usual places, you will only find the usual leadership. In this breakthrough book, General Al Gray and Dr. Paul Otte provide a new model for achieving a higher level of leadership.

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In 1976, the 26th Commandant of the Marine Corps, the same Louis Wilson, promoted Al Gray to Brigadier General; General Wilson quipped that he was promoting Al Gray in order to prove that some Marine recruits turned out to be okay. general al gray leadership Large picture: Kay Griggs and husband Colonel George Griggs (right) with General Al Gray NSA directors and leaders of the special operations community. August 1996, Kay Griggs (left) with Gen. Carl Mundy and Sarah McClendon at a garden party of General Charles Krulak, Marine Corps commandant 1995 The outstanding reputation held by Marine Corps tactical signals intelligence (SIGINT) units today can be directly traced to the pioneering efforts and accomplishments of General Alfred M. Gray over four decades of distinguished service. General Stiner and General Joy (also mentioned by Mrs Griggs) were heavily involved in Bush's invasion of Panama. The special operators also come from General Al Gray's jurisdiction (another cited name). Colonel George Griggs was his chief of staff. Five Griggs evidently trained his marines, mercs, seals, etc. . GRAYISMS and other thoughts on leadership From General Al Gray, USMC (Retired) 29th Commandant of the Marine Corps Compiled by PAUL OTTE P POTOMAC INSTITUTE PRESS O T O M A C I N S T I U T E F O R P O LICY S T U D I E S B G