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Being where the people were was a basic factor in the establishment of the General Store. Before the General Store, and after, came the tinkers, the traveling salesmen, the carnival barkers. These fellows went from tiny town to tiny town, even from homestead to homestead, drumming up business (hence their nickname, drummers) wherever they could.Homestead General Store is housed in a restored, eighteenthcentury timberframe barn. You'll find a visit to our store to be a worthwhile experience! Allow ample time to visit the nearby Texas campus of Ploughshare Institute of Sustainable Culture and its working Homestead Traditional Craft Village. homesteaders general store

in a Pioneer Community. The GENERAL STORE in a pioneer community often looked like the one in the picture. The store was on the main floor. The two large windows were used to display some of the goods that were sold inside.

Craft coffee, sustainably traded. An organic certified roastery sourcing the best coffees the world has to offer, nestled in 100 biodegradable packaging. Fulmer's Farmstead and General Store. The Store provides daily menus, fresh homemade products from various local farmers and suppliers in an authentic Southern atmosphere. The Farm is a very popular host of many seasonal events including Mississippi Pecan Festival, Christmas in the Orchard, Fulmers Homesteaders Gathering and Horsedrawnhomesteaders general store Welcome to The Homesteader's Store Site. The Homesteader's Store has two locations in Madison and Richland Center, WI. We sell all types of equipment like tractors, tractor attachments, lawn mowers, zero turns, utility vehicles, chainsaws, string trimmers, blowers, snow blowers, and mini excavators to

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Homestead General Store is the place to go when you need something for your homestead. Books, livestock feed, garden tools, kitchen and canning supplies, cutlery, grain mills and much more. homesteaders general store Mountain View Homestead and General Store is a heritagelisted homestead and general store at Wisemans Creek, Oberon Shire, New South Wales, Australia. It was designed by David Smith Todd, who built the homestead from 1880 to 1894. Hello from the Folks at Homesteader's Supply! We want to thank you for supporting a Small American Business and our American economy! Feel free to call or email us with any questions! We're real folks providing oldfashioned customer service with a smile. The birthplace of Homestead Coffee and home to our family for the past 36 years, the General Store is a cozy place where locals and travelers alike gather to enjoy the scenery, fill their bellies, and rest before carrying on with their day.